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Testimonials listed here have come from USA , Spain, Canada,

Greece , Ireland , Oman , Saudi Arabia ,

Bangladesh , United Arab Emirates , Singapore ,

Austria and of course India .

These are a few of the 85 countries where our patients live.

What has been achieved here is using our proprietary research based technique of Advanced Homoeopathy, which is very different from conventional Homoeopathy. These patients have been treated exclusively by Dr. Paramesh Banerji and his team at the Global Telemedicine Centre.

This page gives you an idea of what people experience at www.drpbanerji.com. For a short list of notable cases please refer to the respective Disease Specific Pages on our website.

Please find below a few randomly selected correspondence from our patients. We receive thousands of pages of such testimonials every month and on an average every patient refers our services to two
others. This excludes the thousands of hours of testimonials conveyed on the phone to us and of course at our clinic.

We have tried to pick a few amongst the thousands of diseases we treat that most patients are interested in. The language has been kept unedited as far as possible to preserve the authenticity of this account.

I have added some notes in some cases to explain the context.

Please click on the following disease names to directly go to the relevant section:


Renal Failure Female Diseases
Spine Diseases Thalassaemia Heart Diseases Breast Lump
Lung Diseases Piles or Hemorrhoid, Anal Fissure, Fistula Hypothyroidism Herpes
Arthritis Pancreatitis
Alopecia Our Services



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Patient: Mrs. PB, Female, 26 years, Delhi, INDIA

Before starting our medicines she was on strong steroid like Medrol and HCQS. Was being suggested chemotherapy drugs like Methotrexate as the only way forward – which she declined.

Before our treatment she had to be hospitalized several times to aspirate fluids accumulating in joints. Required to take painkillers almost daily in addition to 16 mg Medrol (Methylprednisolone) and 200mg of
HCQS (Hydrochloroquinsulphide).

Comment from Dr. Paramesh Banerji:
After starting our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment she has become free from all these medication and is living a normal pain-free life
. She has no swelling anywhere and no other problems and of course never hospitalized ever since the start of our treatment.

Patient: Mr. SP, Male 54 years, Sambalpur, Orissa, INDIA

1st November 2009 – E-mail update from patient after availing Advanced Homoeopathy




Arthritis - Joint Pains – Knee and Ankle

Patient: Mrs. AS -Female, 43 years, New York, USA

Dr Banerji,
I must tell you one more incidental improvement that your medicines have given me. I did not mention but i had terrible joint pains in my knees and ankles and random foot pains from years of twisting my ankles. i am double jointed so sometimes when i wear high heels i would fall. however, i dont know if it is the 33 or the 48 but i am pain free! i can even go for long walks again and my restless leg syndrome went away. and my scoliosis is a non issue right now.

Thank you


Arthritis – Osteo-arthritis – knee joint

Patient: Mr. GS, Male, 59 years, Cochin, INDIA

Date: 6th January 2009, Email from Patient requesting our treatment:

Pain in the heel of right leg. Finding discomfort in the right knee while using Indian type toilet.

Experience pain in the right leg heel when try to walk after sitting in the chair for long time. The complaint started about one & half year back. It was diagonised as Osteo Arthritis in Bombay Hospital

Date: 10th April 2009, E-mail from Patient after continuing our treatment for 4 months:

Dear Dr.
I have completed the course of taking main regular medicine Respen 40 (number70) all the 4 bottles. I have other medicines. As of now, I feel better than before taking your medicine most of the time. But some times the discomfort is more while walking.

I am continuing the Bijon 40 and Nimelia 40, as advised.
Please advise further course of action to be followed.


Osteoarthritis is an incurable disease in state of art conventional medicine and normally knee replacement is suggested.

As seen from the above our patients improve with our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment and do not need surgery like in 95% of the diseases.

Arthritis – Psoriatic

Patient: Mrs. SM, Female, 50 years, Tennesse, USA
(also the Hypothyroidism as mentioned elsewhere in this document was no longer prevalent).

She has been suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis and also synovitis causing a lot of pain. Before starting our treatment she was taking Prednisone regularly. After starting our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment she discontinued the extremely harmful medicines (which also are not curative) like Prednisone. Her pains have considerably improved since then and she is on her way to a complete and permanent recovery with our treatment. I am copying a few relevant correspondence of her with our Telemedicine team:

8th June 2009 – Email update at the start of Advanced Homoeopathy from Patient

I started the Homoeopathic treatment Thursday evening, having stopped all allopathic medicines, including levothyroxine, supplements etc. at the same time.

Considering that I am on no painkillers whatsoever, I am doing surprisingly well.

20th October 2009 – Email update after continuing Advanced Homoeopathy from patient

Pain levels are much less significant. I still have residual pain in the problem spots which sometimes increases but on the whole it is not a problem for me.

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Spine Diseases

Ankylosing Spondylosis with acute vertebral Stenosis with several other complications related to spine

Patient: Mr. EK, Male, 50 years, Vienna, Austria

Comments and Background info: Ankylosing Spondylosis with Acute vertebral stenosis, Spondyloarthrosis, Intervertebral Disc herniation or prolapse, chondrosis or chondrogenesis - all in the same person.

He was bed ridden for over 2 years before our treatment and had lost at least 60% of his leg muscle due to disuse (disusal atrophy).

He could walk/run within 18 days of starting our medicine and within a month he could run without any support.

I am copying below some of his joyous comments after only 18 days of starting our treatment:

Date: 4th Jan 2008, E-mail Update from Patient --(DS)

I want to tell You a very wonderfully positive news: Today I was running any hundred meters with the leaning on the wheelchair.
I don't have any pain or ache any more. Only when I go without leaning on the wheelcheer.then itcomes back the pain.
Does that mean that the vertebro-stenose had already begun to remove from nervecentrale?

How should I go on forwards?
I already lost 60- 70% of my leg muscles. How can I regain them?
Should I stop the medicines contra the pains-aches? And take only to clean all the arthroses andrestoring the chondroses and the disc protrusions etc.?

Or it is necessary to continue forward with the ache-pain medications until the full accomplishment of the healing process.

I have now a question: Do You have such a wonder medication for lung-oncology? The wife of my bestfriend is diagnosed with it.

Meanwhile thank you very much for my healing and much success in Your work

Severe Intervertebral Disc prolapse

Patient: Mr. HB, Male 47 years Mumbai, INDIA

Dear Doctor,
I wish to inform you that there is significant improvement in my health condition. There is an occasional pain in the sole, however, the numbness has gone. The scietic pain still persists, although the
intensity is less, in the left leg. Would you please advise me the dosage now that i should continue with?

HB, 18th December 2007

Cervical Spondylosis

Patient: Mrs. IS, Female, 50 years, New Jersey, USA

12th April 2009, Email update from patient after Availing our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment

Dr Banerji,
II wanted to inform you that my digestion issues have almost gone and I am doing well.

The medicines you had given me for spondilytis and left arm pain when I saw you in Kolkata (# 1 and 2) are also very effective and I would need refills of those ( 2 bottles each).

Patient: Mrs. CS, Female, 50 years, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5th August 2008, Email Update from Patient after taking our Advanced Homoeopathy

Update of my condition is as follows:

I have been following the course of medicine suggested by you since 27th of June.

My back and neck pain is 70% improved and I feel much more comfortable.

Should I follow the same medicine and doses?

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Female Diseases

Ovarian Cyst – Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment leading to resolution of the cyst

Comment: We have many women who are being treated for Ovarian Cysts exclusively using Advanced Homoeopathic treatment. We are citing two cases here from amongst thousands of such treated cases with our treatment.

Ovarian Cyst is yet another disease for which patients under Advanced Homoeopathic treatment do not need surgery as is the case for 95% of the diseases where surgery has been declared as the only option.

Patient: Mrs. JN, Female, 42 years, West Bengal, INDIA

Her Ultra Sonogram report Before our Treatment - date - 7th November 2007

“ADNEXAE: Two unilocular round cysts measuring 31x 24 mm and 17 x 16 mm are seen in left ovary having think wall and anechoic content suggestive of functional cyst.

IMPRESSION:Two cysts seen in left ovary (probably functional).

Her Ultra Sonogram report After Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment -
date - 31st October 2008

Ovaries are normal in size, outline and echotexture. No adnexal mass is seen.”

USG study of lower adbomen is within normal limits

Ovarian Cyst – Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment leading to resolution of the cyst

Patient: Mrs. SV, Female, 39 years, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Comment: The two Ultrasonogram reports copied below confirms the complete resolution of the Right Ovarian chocolate cyst and a significant reduction in the left ovarian hemorrhagic cyst.

Her Ultrasonogram report date - 7th August 2008

Right Ovary measures 41.6 x 27.9 mm
A cyst measuring 31.2 x 35.6 mm in seen in right ovary
Septations seen. No solid elements.
Left ovary measures 69.1 x 42.2 mm
A cyst measuring 46.7 x 32.6 seen in left ovary.
Coarse internal echoes seen with in the cyst.

Hemorrhagic cyst in right ovary
Chocolate cyst in left ovary

Her Ultrasonogram report date - 6th April 2009

Right Ovary measures 41.6 x 27.9 mm

Left ovary measures 54.7 x 29.3 mm
A small cyst measuring 38.0 x 27.0 mm seen in left ovary.
It shows internal echoes.

IMPRESSION: Small Hemorrhagic cyst in left ovary

Uterine Fibroid along with Liver and Gall Bladder Problems ? Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment Resolution and improvements on route to recovery

Patient: Miss. PM, Female, 24 years, Howrah, INDIA

Ultrasonogram Report dated: 14th August 2008 - Before our Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment


Just bulky in size. Size is 81 x 55 x .40 mm. Anteverted. Uterine cavity is empty. Midline endometrial echo is well apposed and normal thickness. A big fibroid of 63 x 55-mm. in size at right side of fundus of uterus. Another small fiboids of 32 x 31 mm and 22 x 14 mm in size are present at left side of upper part of body of uterus.


Liver is enlarged in size(160 mm. in long axi s) . Normal contour. Intrahepat ic biliary channels and vascular structures are normal. No SOL (solid or cystic) is seen.

Gall Bladder:

Gallbladder is enlarged in size. Gallbladder wall is hyperechoic and mildly thickened. Size of gallbladder is 95 x 16 mm. No evidence of sludge, calculus or SOL seen. CBO measures 4 mm. PV measures

Impression on the Ultrasonogram Report dated 14th August 2008 - Before our Advanced Homoeopathy Treatment:

 -  Hepatomegaly.
Enlarged GB. Suggestive of acalculus cholecystitis.
-  Double pelvi-calyceal system of left kidney.
-  Just bulky uterus with a big fibroid at right side of fundus of uterus and
    other two smallar fibroids at left side of upper part of body of uterus.
-  Appendix could not be demarcated properly.

Ultrasonogram Report dated: 14th November 2009 - After our Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment


Uterus is anteverted: bulky in size and irregular in outline. Myometrial echotexture is homogenous. A myoma of size 3.5 X 4.3 cm is noted posteriorly. Endometrial thickness is 0.5 cm. Cervical canal is normal.


Gall bladder is normal in shape and size. Walls are smooth and regular. Lumen is clear.


Liver shows normal homogeneous parenchymaI echo pattern. Intra
hepatic biliary channels are not dilated No focal solid or cystic SOL seen.

Comment from Dr. Paramesh Banerji:  It is evident from the above two Ultrasonograms that two of the three Uterine fibroids have been completely eliminated and the third one has reduced in size by about 50%.

Incidentally, the problems of Hepatomegaly and Gall Bladder Cholecystitis have also been resolved due to simultaneous specific treatment for these using our Advanced Homoeoapthic medicines.


Uterine Fibroid – Heavy Menstrual bleeding and emergency Management using Advanced Homoeopathy

Patient: Mrs. WD, Female, 47 years, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Comment: Many patients come to us after being told that there is no permanent solution to Uterine Fibroids in state of the art conventional medicine. At that point they have already started experiencing emergency conditions like heavy bleeding.

Advanced Homeopathy has the medicines to deal with such conditions more effectively and swiftly than conventional medicines in almost all cases.

Here is an example of one such case where bleeding that was ''flowing like a tap'' stopped completely within 2 hours. Her subsequent menstrual periods we nothing like that and she could avoid surgery/hysterectomy and never had to take any conventional medicines like kanker causing hormone replacement therapies.

Copied here are a few interactions with our Global Telemedicine Centres which responded to the emergency request for help:

23rd June 08 – Email from patient seeking Advanced Homoeopathic treatment for Uterine Fibroid and related emergency management

I had been to the allopathic doctor on Thursday to check about my constant bleeding and she did a sonography and advised me that I have a tiny fibroid in my uterus, which is causing the heavy bleeding. She gave some medicines (for 10 days) to control the bleeding, which has now stopped. She said that I will need to go for check ups every three months and if the fibroid does not cause further problems, leave it like that; otherwise, I need to remove my uterus or induce menopause.

I would like your advice on the following :

· Can the fibroid be treated with homeopathy, without having to remove the uterus?
· Will my heavy mensus keep recurring and lead to menopause or will menopause have to be induced because of the fibroid?

03rd July 2008, Email Update from Patient:

Many thanks for your detailed email with the instructions. The medicines which were detained at the Customs, have just got cleared and they will be delivered to me on Saturday morning.

My periods which were controlled / stopped by the allopathic doctor through the 10 days course, have now started again from yesterday evening i.e. after 15 days only. The menstrual flow is not as heavy as last time, but it could get bad by tomorrow, as it did when I got it 15 days.

What medicines should I take (a) if the flow is very heavy and does not show signs of stopping and (b) is this not abnormal as I am getting it twice in one month.

I look forward to receiving your advice and direction.

Date : 03rd July 2008, Consultation Notes --Dr. Parameh Banerji :

This is in reference to your email received about 8 minutes ago.

1. I would advise you to start the medicine Inflo 40 (Number 71) or Fludblid 40 (Number 143) depending on whether the flow is clotted or free flowing respectively.

2. As mentioned in an earlier email these medicines may be available to you from the supplies provided for your daughter in September 07. Otherwise start them when you receive the current supplies.

3. The last periods were suppressed using hormones and as soon as its effect weaned the periods resumed. It is not abnormal from that point of view.

4. Keep me posted and I will guide you through this initial period.

Date : 03rd July 2008, Email Update from Patient

Thank you Doctor for your prompt response. I will start taking Fludblid as the flow is free flowing and keep updating you on how I feel and progress.

4th July 08 -Teleconsult with Pt -PB

There were two teleconsults with Mrs. WD today.

When she first contacted us her periods were very very very heavy - according to her ''flowing like a tap'' - overflowing to wet the bed even.

She had already used Fludblid but no appreciable reduction in flow.

Suggested use of Inflo 40 - three doses at intervals of 30 minutes followed by a dose of Bejinj 40.

She reported back after 2 hrs as suggested by us - that her flow had stopped completely after starting the medicines.

Thereafter she had a few spottings but overall the flow was 98% less now.
Advised her to take one more dose of Inflo before she went to bed.

She is supposed to receive the new set of medicines tomorrow.

In future she can also use Hemorin if the flow is not addressed by Inflo or fludblid.

Date : 05th July 2008, Email Update from Patient:

Many thanks for your telecon advice / our conversations yesterday and I am indeed feeling better. My period flow was quite little last night and this morning it is scant. I have also received the medicine package.

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Breast Lump or Fibroadenoma or Benign Fibromatous lesion (Non Malignant) Complete resolution using Advanced Homoeopathy

Patient: Mrs. DM, Female, 52 years, Texas, USA and also INDIA

Dated 2nd November 2008 -Email from Patient seeking our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment

A symptom that just appeared 2 days ago is a lump the size of an almond on my right breast. It was initially sore the 1st day I found it, but is not sore now. I have a family history of kanker. My grandmother had breast kanker and arthritis and died when she was 54. My mother had leukemia and died when she was 57.

Date : 26th November 2008, Email Update from Patient --(DB)

II am feeling very thankful and please with our work together. I'd like to give you an update on my health and ask a few questions.

I began my medicines on Saturday, November 8th.
The lump in my breast has reduced significantly.

Date: 13th December 2008, Email Update from Patient – (SD)

I wanted to give you an update on my progress.

Overall, I am feeling much, much better. I now have a daily "stability" that I have not had for a couple of years. The Ahmed is helping tremendously with the migraine and sinus pain, which makes a big difference.

I have a friend visiting me here in India who is an OB/GYN doctor from the USA with over 30 years experience. She checked both of my breasts thoroughly and could not find anything at all. I could not feel the lump any longer myself, but I wanted to get a doctor's opinion before I reported that to you.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have connected with you. Even in these few weeks, we have made good progress. Most importantly, I feel a level of support that I have not felt previously with homeopathy and I think that is most important.

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Piles or Hemorrhoids

Patient: Mr. AA, Male, 32 years, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

E-mail from patient after availing our treatment for some time - 27 March 2009 11 :24

Here is the update on my situation:

- I have continued with the medication provided and completed the Penpil and Conpil doses provided to me.

- My diet habits have improved and water intake was reduced to focus on thirst situations only as advised.
- Fruit intake has increased and become variable.

The results:

- Size of piles has significantly reduced (if I can quantify it, I would say to less than 40% of what they were before).

- Painful feeling have gone almost completely away (less than 10% of the time compared to before the medication).
- Bleeding, while still occurs, is now very rare.

Constipation: over 90% improvement with regular, smooth and painless bowel movements.

Comments: Piles or Hemorrhoid patients under Advanced Homoeopathic treatment do not need surgery as is the case for 95% of the diseases where surgery has been declared as the only option.

We also have effective treatment for constipation and our patients do not have to take regular medication as the problem is treated.

Patient: Mr. MH, Male, 32 years, SAUDI ARABIA

11th January 2009, Email seeking Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment from Patient


21st July 09 - Teleconsult with patient After availing Advanced Homoeopathy - 5:20 PM - UK time

He is doing extremely well with our treatment and is very grateful to us. His earlier medication to continue without interruption or change.

Patient: Mr. JB, Male, years, SINGAPORE

Good morning Dr. P. Banerji,
Thank you very much for curing my Fistula / Piles.
This is regarding my wife. I would like to get her treated for the below problems...

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Renal Failure or Kidney Failure

We feel Renal Failure is as serious a disease as kanker. The disease normally worsens unilaterally as there are absolutely no treatment for the same in conventional medicine. As soon as the Serum Urea and Serum Creatinine levels reach a certain range Maintenance Hemodialysis is started which in almost all cases reaches twice or even sometime thrice a week in frequency. Thereafter, the extremely dangerous procedure of Kidney transplant remains as the only option.

Those who opt for our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment immediately after detection without using any conventional medicines do not need to go for any of the conventional management options and are able to lead a normal life.

Two cases are being cited here – one very early stage detection and another very late stage detection. Both these patients started our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment and they are living a normal life without having to opt for dialysis or any form of conventional treatment.

Renal Failure - Early Stage treatment using Advanced Homeopathy

Patient: Mr. AG, Male, 58 years, Mumbai, INDIA

When he sought our treatment he had the following kidney function parameters:

  Date Serum Urea Serum Creatinine Hemoglobin

Before our Treatment

16th October 2008




After starting our Treatment

7th March 2009 (revised Dec 2014)




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During the period of our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment for the disease Hypothyroidism, several patients' reports indicate that the thyroid gland became functional. (This is in contrast to conventional "state of the art" medicine which is designed to solely palliatively manage, masking the root cause, through hormone replacement therapy – a treatment which has its known side-effects. Being palliative means that other treatments such as hormone therapy is a treatment for life.

This is in contrast to the reports our patients give of Advanced Homoeopathic treatment where our treatment comes to an end after a certain period of time. Ongoing routine thyroid hormone blood tests undergone by patients whilst in our care provide us the indications of their own hormone production, which we use as milestones to informs our adjustments to their particular treatment strategy. These same reports would in time indicate the extent to which a patient's own hormone production rate comes to within the proscribed normal range.

Two cases are being cited here. Both seem much improved with the second remarkably so.

Patient: Master KN, Male, 2 years 7 months, Rourkela, Orissa, INDIA

He was suggested life long treatment using a thyroid hormone replacement (a popular brand Eltr*xin). We stopped this medicine when we started our Advanced Homoeopathy. As can be seen from the chart below he is now no longer requiring any medication at all, all within 3 months period, as his thyroid gland is able to produce the required hormones.







Before our Treatment

20th October 2008




After starting our Treatment

20th January 2009




Patient: Mrs. SM, Female 50 years, Tennesse, USA

This patient have been using Levothyroxine (similar to Eltroxin, Synthyroid, etc.) for over 25 years. We stopped this medicine immediately on start of our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment. She has also been suffering from other diseases like Psoriatic Arthritis which is also improving very well and being covered elsewhere in the document.

Comment from Dr. Paramesh Banerji: As can be seen from the following chart her Thyroid function kept on improving with our treatment. This not the palliative management using supplement – but a real curative treatment where we render the Thyroid gland functional.

At the start of our Treatment

After starting our Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment her Thyroid Function Continues to improve







At the start of our Treatment

9th July 2009




After starting our Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment her Thyroid Function Continues to improve

13th July 2009



4.90 (not free T4)

11th August 2009




8th September 2009




6th October 2009




3rd November 2009





After a few more months her Thyroid Function would become normal with our Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment and our medicines will be discontinued, just like the case of the patient Master KN cited above, and she would continue to lead a normal life.

Comment from Dr. Paramu.

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Beta Thalassaemia Major

Patient: RB, Female, 3 years (as on Oct 09), Gurgaon, INDIA

This is a Thalassaemia major patient confirmed by Electrophoresis reports. She came to us one day after doing her first ever blood transfusion.

She has not needed any Blood Transfusion ever since as she progresses using our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment.




Before our Treatment
(only 1 Blood Transfusion done after this reading)

24th June 2007


After starting our Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment her Haemoglobin levels continue to rise steadily WITHOUT any Blood Transfusion

8th September 2007


16th August 2008


2nd August 2009


Her Serum Ferritin level on 15th February 2009 is only 23.6 ng/mL




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Herpes or Shingles

Patient: Ms. SW, Female, 38 years, Greece

30th June 2007, Email Seeking Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment from Patient

Main problem is recurrent bouts of genital herpes. have had it for about 14 years now.

7th January 2008, E-mail update from patient on after our Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment

I have passed christmas without my usual attack of herpes so that it the first time in over 10 years ! So obviously I am thrilled with that.

Brain Diseases & Central Nervous System (Other than Brain Tmmmr)

Multiple Sclerosis – Resolution of problems from earlier attacks and recurrence prevention using Advanced Homoeopathy

Patient: Mr. NM, Male 31 years, Pune, INDIA

Comment of Dr. Paramesh Banerji: This patient came to us after two attacks of Multiple Sclerosis. Frequency of attacks was every six months in spite of all conventional medicines.

Since the start of Advanced Homoeopathy its been 19 months and there hasn't been any attacks. He lives a normal life.

Date : 26th Feb 2008, Email from Patient seeking Advanced Homoeopathic treatment:

Due you have medication for multiple sclerosis (immune disorder effects CNS)

Note from Dr. Paramesh Banerji: He started our treatment around the last week of March 2008

Date : 21st April 2008, Email Update from Patient

My condition better for your analysis putting my observation,

1.Tremors in Left part of body specially in Left hand are improved.

2.Breathing abnormal.(need to put effort to speak) improved.

3.feeling less fatigue over day compare to earlier -- improved.

4.having good sleep compare to earlier.

5.Having Cool(running nose) which makes me panic as due to this feel headache,some giddiness.-Any medicine for this.

Doctor As in past i got attacks every sixth month i am getting anxious as month june could be month when i may get another.

Date: 2nd July 2008, Email Update from Patient

This id to inform you that my health is better then earlier
1 no tremors.
2 no Speech Problem.
3 no weakness.

Feeling healthy as previously i was feeling when i had no attacks. Please let me know my medicine plan for next three months as we have completed three months of medication.

Comment from Dr. Paramesh Banerji: He obviously did not get any attacks in June 2008 as is evident from the email from him. In fact he has not any further attacks it is November 2009 now – about 19 months since the Advanced Homoeopathic treatment began. He stopped all his conventional medicines which included strong steroids within days of starting our treatment.

Cerebellar Ataxia

This is another incurable and relatively uncommon disease where our patients are benefiting from our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment. I am citing one such case.

Patient: Master TP – Male, 3 years, Hyderabad, INDIA

Date: 18th Aug 2008, Email seeking Advanced Homoeopathic treatment from Patient:

I have a 3 yr old child (Jan 2nd 2005) who is diagnosed with Acute cerebellar ataxia around May 10, 2007 time frame. He was a normal child with all mile stones until then. He had fever with cold and cough around a month ago ( March 30th 2007). Initially it all started with the child not able to get up from bed immediately for a few minutes after which everything used to be normal, then started falling down occasionally while walking and running. slowly the frequency of fall had increased and the condition
deteriorated He had truncal ataxia, nystagmus, hand coordination problems and the child was not able to walk at all ( All this happened in a span of 10 days). After around 10 -15 days child stopped talking (please note that the child used to speak few sentences and repeat almost everything before the onset of ataxia)

All clinical examinations were done and doctors concluded it to be acute cerebellar ataxia. solu medrol ( 800 mg ) was administrated through IV followed by arnlno-cortil for 1 week. child recovered from truncal ataxia and nystagmus and was able to walk few steps. with the onset of fever ( 100) the very next day after the course completion, condition had deteriorated
and child could not stand on his own. After a span of 2 months solu medrol was repeated ( 800 mg ) followed by amino-cortil for 3 weeks. The child showed tremendous improvement and could walk and run with slight balancing problems. During the last week of the course, the balancing problems had increased, though the child is able to walk and run.

Currently the child is able to walk and run with balancing problems, still has mild hand coordination issues and is speaking few words. Indicates toilet needs and is active. whenever he has slight cold Icough or fever (99 -100) also his condition slightly deteriorates and he settles down after after these symptoms come down. He is not under any medication and currently undergoing physiotherapy. Test performed

1. MRI of brain -Normal
2. Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap) -Normal
3. Thyroid -Normal
4. Amino profile -Normal
5. Abdomen scan, urine culture -Normal

Please advice if homeopathy can be of any help.

9th April 09 -Update from patient's Mother

Dear Doctor,

My son is doing quite better.
His walk has stabilised,no swaying,

talking reasonably well. He is able to speak sentences, recite few rythms and repeating

almost everything. Though he is still not speaking like a 4 yr old child and I understand it will take some time.

Drooling of saliva has minimized to a great extent.

Whenever he gets up from the sleep especially in the afternoon, he gets up as if he woke up from a very bad dream and he will be kicking his legs and hands and is unmanageable. Only after 10 -15 mins he settles down and then he becomes normal. whenever I try to make him recognize
animals/fruits from the charts he takes some time to identify which ever he knows and does not answer back if u teach him anything new and question him again.

Overall there is a lot of improvement in speech and drooling of saliva. Whenever he wants something and if he is not given he starts beating everybody around. He is still irritable

Date : 21st October 2009, E-mail Update from Patient -- SP

Dear Doctor,

T has enjoyed bursting crackers. This was the first Diwali after T fell sick which we have also enjoyed seeing T in full form.

Drooling of salaiva is almost not there

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Lung Diseases

Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD)

Patient: Mr. KD, Male 63 years, Howrah, INDIA

He was having severe respiratory difficulties particularly exertioinal dyspnoea and cough.

CT scans dated 26th September 2008 and 7th March 2009 confirms a progressive Interstitial Lung Disease.

Advanced Homoeopathic treatment was started in March 2009 and the CT scan report dated 4th April 09 confirms that there hasn't been any further proliferation of the disease indicating a reversal of the disease process.

29th October 2009 – Clinic visit update:

Patient does not have any exertional dyspnoea even when he is climbing 4 stories without a halt. He also does not have any cough or chest related discomfort.

Incidentally his Prostate related urinary complaints have also been resolved using our treatment and his PSA levels have returned to normal and safe range using our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment.

Pulmonary Fibrosis – Idiopathic

Patient: Mr. IP, Male, 49 years, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

Email from patient seeking Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment:

1. I am finding breathlessness ( if I walk 100 feet distance on plain floor, or if I climb 15 steps staircase or if I take bath or if I bend forward or backward) and the saturation of oxygen is 75% and in 2-3 minutes of time it is reaching to 92%.

2. It has been diagnosised as Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and also they are suspecting it as COPD ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

3. On the chest C T Scan, scars are found.

4. Chest congesition and irritable throat causing continuous cough and trying to pull out the sputum.

5. I find relief even small quantity of sputum comes out.

6. During coughing, I am finding oxygen shortage and the saturation level is around 85% and finding breathlessness.

7. I am under oxygen therapy at home at the rate of 1 lt per mt.

29th September 2009, Email update from patient

Date of start of Disease -20.03.2009

Date of start of Using Homeopath With you 20.06.2009

Present Position - Overall 30% recovery is seen without allopathic medicines

4th October 2009 – Clinic consultation update:

30% permanent relief. Able to walk at a slow pace up to 2 km and climb 4 floors at a slow pace. None of which was possible before our treatment. In fact when I spoke to him he was bedridden and told me 'I only have one job now - to look at the clock and take medicines' as he was in bed all the time and little exertion was making him breathless. Once in three days he gets up to 70% relief. With more rest. hence, fluctuating relief

But if he gets a lot of rest it is better.
Cough as such is not there even while talking
But he coughs to clear the throat - hem and hwk.

At the time of bathing there is still shortness of breath for the last 10 days. This had gone.

He is being affected by stress and lack of rest.

Vision which was significantly affected due to prior Steroid use has improved and has come back to normal with our specific treatment for the purpose.

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Heart Disease – Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia (ARVD) or Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy

Patient: Mr. PK, Male, 24 years, Bangalore, INDIA

15th June 2007, E-mail from patient seeking Advanced Homoeopathic treatment


Please tell if there is a good outcome for Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia?

Comment of Dr. Paramesh Banerji: He came to us after and 3 day episode of hospitalization in ICCU

due to recurrent arrhythmias. He was advised surgical intervention including the installation of ICD.

Neither Surgery nor ICD (Implantable cardioverter defibrillator) were installed.

He started our Advanced Homoeopathic treatment exclusively and there were no further such attacks since that day. Its been over 2 years and he is leading an absolutely normal life.

We asked him to get a 24 hour halter test done which came out to be absolutely normal – which was not so before our Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment.

I am inserting the note in his file here:

15th Oct 07 - clinic visit updates

He is asymptomatic at the moment and his holter tests have come within normal limits.

Date: 30th May 2009, Clinic Consultation Notes -

No tachycardia attacks since the start of our treatment.

C/o - now taking our medicine
Palpitation in chest >>>>
no other complication

It is a case of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia.

4th November 2009 - Teleconsult with pt - 7:20 PM

He continues to do well. With absolutely no heart related complaints. He is living a normal and active life of a 25 year old man.

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Click here to see a short presentation about a case of Alopecia areata

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Patient: GB, Female, 4 years, Delhi, INDIA

9th July 2008, Email seeking Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment from Patient

hi,doctor, my daughter GB is suffering from pancreatitis since 1 year with no apparent reason, i have heard it can be treated in homeopathy

Date: 10th July 2008, Email from Patient - S

please find the attacted file of GB's medical report history. As you have asked for the medicines she has been taking, here are the details.

1. creon 10000 (thrice a day)...........enzymes

2. lanzol junior (once a day)............antacid

3. Udiliv 150mg (half tab twice a day)....................for thining her bile

4. A to Z syrup..............multi vitamin

Sir since last 4 months she gets attacks but her pain is not so severe and it settles on its own even when her amylase is high.Her sugar has come normal in all her attacks.Her sweat test was also normal.. But on the contrary she still keeps getting these attacks in every 20 days even after a low fat diet she has been taking. She is apparently 4yrs and her weight is only 12.5kg with 100cm height. Otherwise she is an hyper active child and extremely sharp.

Comment of Dr. Paramesh Banerji: Please note that the child has been getting attacks every 20 days in spite of the above conventional medicines – this if of course true for almost all cases of Chronic Pancreatitis.

We started Advanced Homoeopathic treatment and immediately stopped all the conventional medicines. We advised her normal diet without any specific restrictions. Her condition started improving and the attacks began to reduce in frequency as well as severity almost immediately. In the last 12 months she may have had two or three mild attacks with relatively minor discomforts. I am citing one of the extracts from her file:

Date : 17th March 2009, E-mail Update from Patient -- SD

I am extremely sorry for not updating u abt GB's present condition. She is keeping well and apparently there has been no attack after her last attack on Dec 13th. She has been taking her medication that is alpan 40 as adviced religiously.

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Our Services – Some comments we get to hear

30th April 2009, Mrs. AS, New York, USA

Dr Banerji,

Thank you but i would have to disagree with your estimation of your medicines. you may not think that three little pellets once a day that gives you peace of mind and takes away frightening symptoms as a mirac1e, but i have to tell you that, it is to me. especially since i work with an internal medicine doctor who has nothing to give but pills and surgery and no solution. my mother B said you give us hope and i would have to agree.

your work is very much appreciated,

15th May 2009, Mr. BM, Male 48 years, Bhagalpur, Bihar, INDIA

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you that there is a lot of improvement observed in my health conditions after having your medicines. The following medicines are over and would like to request you to arrange for the shipment of the same on Bhagalpur address.

15th August 2009, VV, Female, New York, USA

Dear Dr. Banerji,

Hope this e-mail finds you well.

I have been taking the treatments as prescribed since June 20th. I feel well and have none of my former symptoms (again, thank you so much - I am very grateful).

10th September 2009, Mr. SA, Chattisgarh, INDIA – who referred his friend for Renal Failure treatment from us as he has got a lot of improvement for his very difficult eye disease

Dear Sir,

Thanks for responding to Akash philip in very short span.This shows whole hearted dedication of your goodself and to your Team I do salute you sir.

28th October 2009, JR, Female 40 years, New York, USA

As always Dr. B. it is a pleasure to talk to you and be enriched on your wonderful counsel. I am quite happy and satisfied with you as my DOCTOR OF TRUE CARE!

1st November 2009, Dr. AB, Alexandria, EGYPT

Dearest Dr. Paramesh Banerji

I am very pleased from the warm sincere phone call I received today from your team representative concerning this unlucky shipment for Mr. S and his brother K. I will check with the authority to reach the best feasible way for our future cooperation. I have to admire and appreciate the warm sincere scientific spirit your lady representative showed me.

2nd November 2009, Mrs. SR's son, Mumbai, INDIA

Dear Dr Paramesh,

Greetings of the season to you and your wonderful team. I am happy to report that mother is keeping well and wanted to request additional supplies of her usual medicines.







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