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Swine Flu Service & Treatment with Advanced Homoeopathy

Dear Sir or Madam,

We have been overwhelmed with requests from our patients in almost all the 85 countries of the world including 30 states of USA and all the 28 states of India to provide help and support for Swine Flu. Being the world's largest Homoeopathic Healthcare Service provider in terms of prescriptions served as well as treatment rate for the critical diseases we felt that it is our responsibility to respond to this perceived threat that the world community is facing today.

We are also probably the only Alternative Healthcare service provider with established processes and Telemedicine Infrastructure to be able to make our services and treatment available to virtually any country of the world as we are doing for our Renal Failure, Heart Disease and other similarly critical patients. Our Website www.drpbanerji.com is the gateway to our Global Telemdicine Service.

The Swine Flu Service we have designed has the following parts:

We have a very comprehensive treatment process for Swine Flu - that includes:

a) Prevention

b) Treatment of early stage of any flu symptoms at a stage when it is not yet tested to classify its type

c) Treatment for swine flu itself if at all it is confirmed

How will the service work?

My Team has come up with a proper Admin Process to enable people avail this service. To know how it works, please read the details at the bottom of this page.

Our Perspective on Swine Flu

Considering the fact that 36,000 people die from ordinary influenza every year in the US under state of the art healthcare system there, the health department must be very scared. As the common influenza virus related infection and their complications that has been causing millions of deaths for hundreds of years is yet to be countered by conventional state of the art medicine it is unlikely that a relatively unknown variant like the one causing swine flu would find a remedy anytime in the forseeable future.
Unfortunately, there is no medicine for cough and cold in state of the art modern medicine yet - that is the analysis of the above statistic.

With Best Regards

Dr. Paramesh Banerji

The admin process:

1. Those interested in the service must register with our Global Telemedicine Service at http://www.drpbanerji.com/consult.htm and complete the registration for Non critical diseases. Please mention "Request for Swine Flu Service & Kit" in the part of the form where you are requested to given 'Description of Symptoms'.
Please note that appropriate shipping charges would be added to the cost of service & kit for International Patients depending on their location and mode of shipping.

2. A kit of medicines for a family of 4 persons would be sent to your address. This kit would contain:
a) Our Proprietary Homoeopathic medicines based on our research and experience that have the capability to prevent a swine flu infection.
b) Our proprietary Homoeopathic medicines that, based on our research and experience, have the capability to treat and resolve all type of Flu infections including Swine Flu. The first line of treatment medicines are provided in the kit and in the unlikely scenario of any subsequent medicines are needed they would be immediately made available by next day delivery services wherever available.

3. Detailed usage instructions for the usage of the medicines would be provided either in print or by email.
4. Continuous support by email and/or phone would be provided from the time any of the four people in the same household experiences any flu like symptom. In fact once you are registered please get in touch with the doctors at Telemedicine Service to report any kind of health symptoms and allow them to decide whether they are relevant or not and suggest necessary action based on the inputs provided.

Should you wish to avail our services regarding the above please complete your registration with our Global Telemedicine Service as described above. If you need any support please get in touch with the Contact Centre team at telemedicine@drpbanerji.com or by phone +91-33-4406-8000 (Monday to Saturday 10AM to 8PM IST and 10AM to 6 PM IST on Sundays). We invite you to visit our website www.drpbanerji.com as well.






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