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This Website provides an insight into the phenomenal and unprecedented success of treating the most difficult diseases of the world including Thalassemia, Renal Failure, Heart Diseases and other similarly critical diseases using Advanced Homeopathy supported by real life patient information. It is also the gateway to avail this very advanced form of medical treatment.

More than 14 Million prescriptions have been successfully served from our clinics in the last 25 years and countless millions since the establishment of our first clinic in the year 1918.

Many of our patients have avoided surgery even for critical diseases.

Our treatment through the Global Telemedicine Service is being availed by patients in 85 countries of the world including 30 states of USA. The Telemedicine Centre not only just provides suggestions about medicines but also provides continuous support standing by patients to deal with the various emergencies and criticalities that are inevitable parts of these challenging diseases.

Dr. P. Banerji's Homoeopathic Healthcare Centre is headed by Dr. Paramesh Banerji, whose family has been offering Homeopathic remedies for over 5 decades now through a network of clinics and The Global Telemedicine Centre.





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