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Female Diseases

Author: Dr. Paramesh Banerji

We are able to treat all kinds of irregularities with respect to Menstrual periods. Whether it is timing, duration, pains and the nature of the same. Menorrhagia or hypermenorrhea, metrorrhagia, dysmenorrhea or menorrhalgia, amenorrhea, double menses, casued by whatever reason - including ovarian cyst, Uterine fibroid, Endometriosis are all very successfully treated by us. We have routine procedures in place which very quickly restores normality back into the woman's life without having to consider HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or Surgery for any of these reasons.

Our treatment
We are able to treat these irregularities without the use of any Hormones or HRT. Therefore our treatment is completely side-effect free.

Hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of stroke by almost a third, a review of clinical trials says. - BBC News, 7th January, 2005

What do our patients experience?

  • Their menstrual periods are becoming regular.
  • The flow becomes more consistent and normalised.
  • Pain during the menses is also comes down
  • They become and remain independent of all kinds of Hormone Replacement Therpaies and Conventional medicines


Female Diseases

Ovarian Cyst – Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment leading to resolution of the cyst

Comment: We have a very high success rate for resolution of Ovarian Cysts exclusively using Advanced Homoeopathic treatment. We are siting two cases here from amongst thousands of such successfully treated cases with our treatment.

Ovarian Cyst is yet another disease for which patients under Advanced Homoeopathic treatment do not need surgery as is the case for 95% of the diseases where surgery has been declared as the only option.

Patient: Mrs. JN, Female, 42 years, West Bengal, INDIA

Her Ultra Sonogram report Before our Treatment - date - 7th November 2007

“ADNEXAE: Two unilocular round cysts measuring 31x 24 mm and 17 x 16 mm are seen in left ovary having think wall and anechoic content suggestive of functional cyst.

IMPRESSION:Two cysts seen in left ovary (probably functional).

Her Ultra Sonogram report After Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment -
date - 31st October 2008

“ADNEXAE: Ovaries are normal in size, outline and echotexture. No adnexal mass is seen.”

IMPRESSION: USG study of lower adbomen is within normal limits


Ovarian Cyst – Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment leading to resolution of the cyst

Patient: Mrs. SV, Female, 39 years, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Comment: The two Ultrasonogram reports copied below confirms the complete resolution of the Right Ovarian chocolate cyst and a significant reduction in the left ovarian hemorrhagic cyst.

Her Ultrasonogram report date - 7th August 2008

Right Ovary measures 41.6 x 27.9 mm
A cyst measuring 31.2 x 35.6 mm in seen in right ovary
Septations seen. No solid elements.
Left ovary measures 69.1 x 42.2 mm
A cyst measuring 46.7 x 32.6 seen in left ovary.
Coarse internal echoes seen with in the cyst.

Hemorrhagic cyst in right ovary
Chocolate cyst in left ovary

Her Ultrasonogram report date - 6th April 2009

Right Ovary measures 41.6 x 27.9 mm

Left ovary measures 54.7 x 29.3 mm
A small cyst measuring 38.0 x 27.0 mm seen in left ovary.
It shows internal echoes.

IMPRESSION: Small Hemorrhagic cyst in left ovary

Uterine Fibroid along with Liver and Gall Bladder Problems – Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment Resolution and improvements on route to recovery

Patient: Miss. PM, Female, 24 years, Howrah, INDIA

Ultrasonogram Report dated: 14th August 2008 - Before our Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment


Just bulky in size. Size is 81 x 55 x .40 mm. Anteverted. Uterine cavity is empty. Midline endometrial echo is well apposed and normal thickness. A big fibroid of 63 x 55-mm. in size at right side of fundus of uterus. Another small fiboids of 32 x 31 mm and 22 x 14 mm in size are present at left side of upper part of body of uterus.


Liver is enlarged in size(160 mm. in long axi s) . Normal contour. Intrahepat ic biliary channels and vascular structures are normal. No SOL (solid or cystic) is seen.

Gall Bladder:

Gallbladder is enlarged in size. Gallbladder wall is hyperechoic and mildly thickened. Size of gallbladder is 95 x 16 mm. No evidence of sludge, calculus or SOL seen. CBO measures 4 mm. PV measures

Impression on the Ultrasonogram Report dated 14th August 2008 - Before our Advanced Homoeopathy Treatment:

 -  Hepatomegaly.
-  Enlarged GB. Suggestive of acalculus cholecystitis.
-  (?) Double pelvi-calyceal system of left kidney.
-  Just bulky uterus with a big fibroid at right side of fundus of uterus and
    other two smallar fibroids at left side of upper part of body of uterus.
-  Appendix could not be demarcated properly.

Ultrasonogram Report dated: 14th November 2009 - After our Advanced Homoeopathic Treatment


Uterus is anteverted: bulky in size and irregular in outline. Myometrial echotexture is homogenous. A myoma of size 3.5 X 4.3 cm is noted posteriorly. Endometrial thickness is 0.5 cm. Cervical canal is normal.


Gall bladder is normal in shape and size. Walls are smooth and regular. Lumen is clear.


Liver shows normal homogeneous parenchymaI echo pattern. Intra
hepatic biliary channels are not dilated No focal solid or cystic SOL

Comment from Dr. Paramesh Banerji:  It is evident from the above two Ultrasonograms that two of the three Uterine fibroids have been completely eliminated and the third one has reduced in size by about 50%.

Incidentally, the problems of Hepatomegaly and Gall Bladder Cholecystitis have also been resolved due to simultaneous specific treatment for these using our Advanced Homoeoapthic medicines.


Uterine Fibroid – Heavy Menstrual bleeding and emergency Management using Advanced Homoeopathy

Patient: Mrs. WD, Female, 47 years, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Comment: Many patients come to us after being told that there is no permanent solution to Uterine Fibroids in state of the art conventional medicine. At that point they have already started experiencing emergency conditions like heavy bleeding.

Advanced Homeopathy has the medicines to deal with such conditions more effectively and swiftly than conventional medicines in almost all cases.

Here is an example of one such case where bleeding that was ''flowing like a tap'' stopped completely within 2 hours. Her subsequent menstrual periods we nothing like that and she could avoid surgery/hysterectomy and never had to take any conventional medicines like hormone replacement therapies.

Copied here are a few interactions with our Global Telemedicine Centres which responded to the emergency request for help:

23rd June 08 – Email from patient seeking Advanced Homoeopathic treatment for Uterine Fibroid and related emergency management

I had been to the allopathic doctor on Thursday to check about my constant bleeding and she did a sonography and advised me that I have a tiny fibroid in my uterus, which is causing the heavy bleeding. She gave some medicines (for 10 days) to control the bleeding, which has now stopped. She said that I will need to go for check ups every three months and if the fibroid does not cause further problems, leave it like that; otherwise, I need to remove my uterus or induce menopause.

I would like your advice on the following :

· Can the fibroid be treated with homeopathy, without having to remove the uterus?
· Will my heavy mensus keep recurring and lead to menopause or will menopause have to be induced because of the fibroid?

03rd July 2008, Email Update from Patient:

Many thanks for your detailed email with the instructions. The medicines which were detained at the Customs, have just got cleared and they will be delivered to me on Saturday morning.

My periods which were controlled / stopped by the allopathic doctor through the 10 days course, have now started again from yesterday evening i.e. after 15 days only. The menstrual flow is not as heavy as last time, but it could get bad by tomorrow, as it did when I got it 15 days.

What medicines should I take (a) if the flow is very heavy and does not show signs of stopping and (b) is this not abnormal as I am getting it twice in one month.

I look forward to receiving your advice and direction.

Date : 03rd July 2008, Consultation Notes --Dr. Parameh Banerji :

This is in reference to your email received about 8 minutes ago.

1. I would advise you to start the medicine Inflo 40 (Number 71) or Fludblid 40 (Number 143) depending on whether the flow is clotted or free flowing respectively.

2. As mentioned in an earlier email these medicines may be available to you from the supplies provided for your daughter in September 07. Otherwise start them when you receive the current supplies.

3. The last periods were suppressed using hormones and as soon as its effect weaned the periods resumed. It is not abnormal from that point of view.

4. Keep me posted and I will guide you through this initial period.

Date : 03rd July 2008, Email Update from Patient

Thank you Doctor for your prompt response. I will start taking Fludblid as the flow is free flowing and keep updating you on how I feel and progress.

4th July 08 -Teleconsult with Pt -PB

There were two teleconsults with Mrs. WD today.

When she first contacted us her periods were very very very heavy - according to her ''flowing like a tap'' - overflowing to wet the bed even.

She had already used Fludblid but no appreciable reduction in flow.

Suggested use of Inflo 40 - three doses at intervals of 30 minutes followed by a dose of Bejinj 40.

She reported back after 2 hrs as suggested by us - that her flow had stopped completely after starting the medicines.

Thereafter she had a few spottings but overall the flow was 98% less now. Advised her to take one more dose of Inflo before she went to bed.

She is supposed to receive the new set of medicines tomorrow.

In future she can also use Hemorin if the flow is not addressed by Inflo or fludblid.

Date : 05th July 2008, Email Update from Patient:

Many thanks for your telecon advice / our conversations yesterday and I am indeed feeling better. My period flow was quite little last night and this morning it is scant. I have also received the medicine package.




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